Our History

“Where Club Life is a Family Tradition”

Envisaged during the 60’s golden era of tennis by one of the first international sport celebrities, Jack Kramer saw the need to create a hub for developing US tennis champions in a family focused club environment. Partnering with Vic Braden in 1962, The Jack Kramer Club was created hosting 13 tennis courts, fitness center, 25 yard swimming pool with diving boards, Clubhouse, sports court, playground, and a focus on building tennis champions. This was the beginning of a legacy that continues to flourish at The Jack Kramer Club.

In the fall of 1970, after many years of leadership, Jack Kramer entrusted members of the club to carry on the dream of having national tennis players develop and launch their careers from their home court, The Jack Kramer Club.

Due to the passion and commitment of building US tennis champions, The Jack Kramer Club is proud to have mentored national champions, Tracy Austin, Pete Sampras, Lindsey Davenport, Elliot Teltscher, Kimberley Po, John Austin and Derrick Rostagno.


  • 13 Tennis Courts
  • Indoor/Outdoor Gym
  • 25 yard swimming pool with diving boards
  • Clubhouse
  • Sport Court
  • Playground

Meet Our Team

Peter Smith

General Manager/Director of Tennis

Amanda Romero

Clubhouse Manager

Nick Starinieri

Operations Manager

Ocean Bates

Aquatics Manager