Private Swim Lessons

The JKC Learn to Swim Program is the first step in a lifelong aquatic adventure. Learning to swim is an amazing gift to give your child. Knowing how to swim is a powerful lifelong skill – for growth, independence, and having fun. Swimmers of all skill levels will thrive in our fun, safe, and educational lesson environment.

Our instructors will build your child’s confidence in the water by utilizing a variety of teaching formats, flotation tools, and learning games which enable your child to progress at a natural pace.

  • Starting at $40 per 1/2 hour lesson

Instruction Levels


Beginner-level children will focus on becoming comfortable in the water, water safety, learning to float, kicking, alternating arm movements and fundamentals of basic strokes.


Designed for children who are able to perform basic free-style and backstroke. Instructor will focus on developing breaststroke and butterfly. Students will learn rhythm breathing, flip turns and will fine tune all strokes.


Children who are able to hold breathe under water and can float on their backs and fronts. Children will work on independent breathing, backstrokes, breast stroke arms, dolphin kick and swimming further distances unassisted.

Swim Lesson Cancellation Policy

We require a 24 hour cancellation notice, or you will be charged the full lesson fee. If a swim instructor cancels a lesson for any reason, the club will schedule a suitable make-up lesson.

Please contact aquatics@jackkramerclub.com for more information.